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Education & Advocacy

Border Angels provides alternative break and education programmes including: Internships and community awareness of issues surrounding undocumented migrants, immigrations and border issues.

Migrant Outreach

Border Angels prevents unneccesary deaths and harm reduction through desert water drops, border rescue stations  and day labourer outreach

Immigration Consulting

Border Angels provide free immigration services and consultations in Spanish and English every Tuesday night at our offices in Sherman Heights Community Centre




PRESS RELEASE: “Garage 66″ Reunited With Family

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“As the community is aware of, a patient known as “Garage 66”, has been hospitalized at the Sharp Coronado Hospital and Health Center for the last 16 years. The Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego informs that his identity has been finally uncovered.

This achievement was possible thanks to the interest and collaboration of the Long Term Care of such hospital, headed by Ed Kirkpatrick, and the Border Patrol San Diego Sector, led by Chief Patrol Agent, Richard A. Barlow.

The information provided by them and the work of different offices of the Mexican Foreign Affairs Secretariat in Mexico and the United States allowed to know the identity of the patient, as well as to contact his family.

We also want to recognize the interest and efforts made to achieve this result by a group composed by Border Angels Director, Enrique Morones; University of San Diego Trans-
border Institute Director, Everard Meade; Eddy Meyer, Representative of CongressmanJuan Vargas; Yolanda Apalategui, Representative of California Senator Ben Hueso; Local 1613 National Border Patrol Council Legislative and Political Action Coordinator, Christopher Harris; and Tijuana Councilwoman Leticia Castañeda.

The family of the patient thanks all the persons who cared for him during all these years as well as the media and social media who were attentive of this case while his identity remained unknown. Family members will not be available for interviews. They have asked that the patient’s and their privacy be respected.

Como es de conocimiento de la comunidad, el paciente conocido como “Garage 66”, ha estado hospitalizado en el Hospital Sharp de Coronado durante los últimos 16 años. El Consulado General de México en San Diego informa que la identidad del paciente finalmente ha podido conocerse. Lo anterior fue posible gracias al interés y colaboración del Centro de Cuidado de Largo Plazo del mencionado hospital, encabezado por Ed Kirpatrick; así como por el Sector San Diego de la Patrulla Fronteriza, encabezado por su Director, Richard A. Barlow.”

La información proporcionada por ambas instituciones y el trabajo de diversas oficinas de la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, tanto en México como en Estados Unidos,facilitaron llegar a conocer la identidad del paciente y contactar a su familia.

El Consulado General de México también reconoce el interés y los esfuerzos realizados por un grupo de personas compuesto por el Director de Ángeles de la Frontera, Enrique Morones; el Director del Instituto Transfronterizo de San Diego, Everard Meade; Eddy
Meyer, Representante del Congresista Juan Vargas; Yolanda Apalategui, Representante del Senador de California Ben Hueso; Christopher Harris, Coordinador de Acción Política y Legislativa del Local 1613 del Consejo Nacional de la Patrulla Fronteriza; y la
Regidora de Tijuana, Leticia Castañeda.

La familia del paciente agradece por conducto del Consulado General de México a todas las personas que se preocuparon por él durante estos años y a los medios de comunicación y las redes sociales que se mantuvieron atentas y activas sobre este caso mientras su identidad se mantuvo sin conocer. La familia no estará disponible para entrevistas. La misma ha pedido que su privacía y la del paciente sean respetadas.




"When it comes to immigration, Enrique Morones is our moral authority "

− Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, Author, California Dream Act

"My Father, Cesar Chavez, led heroic grape workers around Delano, California, in the longest continuing farmworker strike in US history in a profound statement of non-cooperation with a farm labour system that exploits and impoverishes mostly immigrant farm workers. Today, courageous members of Border Angels are honouring the legacy of my father by making a powerful statement against inhumanity and oppression endured on our border by innocent immigrants. "

− Paul F. Chavez, President, Cesar Chavez Foundation

"Enrique Morones’ story is remarkable and needs to be told. He is a man of conscience who stands up to injustice by simply being on the side of love and human dignity. Let us all rejoice that an angel walks among us in this fight for immigration reform, truth and justice for all. "

− Josefina Lopez, playwright and activist, author of Real Women Have Curves

"Enrique Morones is the finest example of the Si Se Puede attitude in service to those who risk their lives in search of a better life. "

− Aurturo Rodriguez, President, United Farm Workers of America

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