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Education & Advocacy

Border Angels provides alternative break and education programmes including: Internships and community awareness of issues surrounding undocumented migrants, immigrations and border issues.

Migrant Outreach

Border Angels prevents unneccesary deaths and harm reduction through desert water drops, border rescue stations  and day labourer outreach

Immigration Consulting

Border Angels provide free immigration services and consultations in Spanish and English every Tuesday night at our offices in Sherman Heights Community Centre




100 Women, 100 Miles Pilgrimage to See the Pope

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Photos from a vigil held at Friendship Park to mark the start of a pilgrimage to see Pope Francis during his USA visit. 100 Miles, 100 Women will greet the pope to demand comprehensive immigration reform to keep families together.

The pilgrimage began at the Pennsylvania immigration detention centre on September 15, with women walking 8 days to get to Washington DC. Read More

No more Mexico bashing, we love Mexico

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Petition to Kevin Faulconer. City and House of Pacific Relations that Mexico needs a stand-alone house in Balboa Park

Mexico started with the House of Pacific Relations in 1935 and was a member until 1941. It returned in 1978 for one year, when it was again inexplicably shut down while the Mexican Community in California faced “Operation Wetback”, the “Lemon Grove Incident,” and Proposition 187, before being accepted as a member again in November 2004 and has remained a member since. The work to join in 2004 actually began back in 1995. Enrique Morones approached the HPR about possible events to promote Mexico in Balboa Park and learned that a House of Mexico did not exist. Morones decided that an effort to establish a HOM was not only necessary but vital to building bridges to the south. After many years of organizing, encouraging and soliciting the assistance of others, Morones was able to forge the formation of an exploratory committee in 2002 to research, prepare and submit a formal membership application. In 2003, HOM became a 501(c)(3) and the HPR application was submitted in late 2003. When HOM finally became a full member in 2004, SDPD was actually had to be called to the Hall of Nations, such was the local opposition against the HOM receiving approval for a house.

Throughout it’s entire involvement with HPR, HOM has faced many set-backs to achieving its goal of a stand-alone house in the International Cottages section of Balboa Park, including seeking intervention from the Office of the City Attorney due to inappropriate communications and hurdles set by the then-President of the HPR. And now, in 2015, despite years of asking for a stand-alone cottage, HOM has never been given the opportunity to fund or build one.

At first, HOM was told that there was no more room for it to have a house in the HPR. Then, when room was made, HOM was put on a list and told it would be allowed to have a house if it could prove that it had priority.  HOM was able to prove long-time involvement. Then, somehow, HOM was bumped down the list by a country whose house not even on the “wait list.”

Now, HOM has been told that it will be given a house, though far in the back and that it will have to share with another country.

HOM represents a country 22 miles from the San Diego City center, and the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa communities, belonging to greater San Diego, are right across the US-Mexico border. As the largest community in the region, it is shocking that HOM does not have its own independent house and a solid presence in the International Cottages, and that it is still not slated to have a stand-alone house at this time.

The continued attacks on Mexico and Mexicans must end. We say, “Basta! Enough!” Mexico deserves its own house in a prominent location.

Please add your name to this petition to send a message to the City of San Diego and the House of Pacific Relations that HOM is valued, respected and important to our San Diego community and that HOM should be given a visible, prominent and stand-along cottage in the International Cottages of Balboa Park.

Si Se Puede!

Border Angels Annual Awards Dinner

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Hola amigos.

Thanks for your continued support as we again come to end of another incredible year. Border Angels continues to grow not only on the US/Mexico border but internationally as well. this year we once again opened “The Door of Hope/Puerta de la Esperanza” at on our children’s day celebration families were allowed to hug for the first time, or first time in a long time at Friendship Park. Love has no borders. Read More




"When it comes to immigration, Enrique Morones is our moral authority "

− Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, Author, California Dream Act

"My Father, Cesar Chavez, led heroic grape workers around Delano, California, in the longest continuing farmworker strike in US history in a profound statement of non-cooperation with a farm labour system that exploits and impoverishes mostly immigrant farm workers. Today, courageous members of Border Angels are honouring the legacy of my father by making a powerful statement against inhumanity and oppression endured on our border by innocent immigrants. "

− Paul F. Chavez, President, Cesar Chavez Foundation

"Enrique Morones’ story is remarkable and needs to be told. He is a man of conscience who stands up to injustice by simply being on the side of love and human dignity. Let us all rejoice that an angel walks among us in this fight for immigration reform, truth and justice for all. "

− Josefina Lopez, playwright and activist, author of Real Women Have Curves

"Enrique Morones is the finest example of the Si Se Puede attitude in service to those who risk their lives in search of a better life. "

− Aurturo Rodriguez, President, United Farm Workers of America

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